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Sussex Ambulance Provider To Cut Pay For Workers

25 Aug 2016
Coperforma And Docklands Medical Services To Cut Pay And Terms And Conditions For Patient Transport Staff No more chances, no more waiting until the dust hopefully settles, the time has come to remove Coperfoma and all those that would put profit before patients and staff says GMB

GMB Calls For Action On UK Brick Production

25 Aug 2016
GMB Calls For Action On UK Brick Production To Tackle Supply Shortage And Grow Construction Workforce Employers and unions need an industrial strategy to deliver the additional capacity and proper wages needed to meet housing targets says GMB

Total Contempt' For Tannoy Workers

25 Aug 2016
Tannoy Workers Treated With ‘Total Contempt’ As Owner Pulls Plug On Closure Consultation Workers have now spent an entire summer talking to a brick wall in their efforts to try and save local employment says GMB