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Safe Removal And Disposal Of Asbestos

1 Sep 2014
GMB Call On Asbestos Removal Employers To Work With Union Members On Sites To Ensure Safe Removal And Disposal Of Asbestos After discussions with asbestos removal workers across the UK it has become apparent that there is a lack of meaningful worker Involvement in all areas of health, safety or welfare provision as required by licences says GMB

Strike Ballot In England And N Ireland NHS Dispute

1 Sep 2014
Strike Ballot For GMB Members In NHS In England And Northern Ireland With Action In October If Members Vote For Action In Pay Dispute Prime Minister is to blame for this dispute in refusing to honour the independent pay review body's recommendations and living standards for NHS staff are down by over 10% says GMB

Free School Meals For Junior School Children

1 Sep 2014
GMB Calls For A Political Consensus On Free School Meals For Junior School Children Free school meals should be extended to junior school children without means testing as this is good for children, good for their education and good for their families says GMB