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Who Will Represent Scotland's Workers

4 May 2015
GMB Scotland Asks Who Will Represent Scotland's Workers When Over 90% Of SNP General Election Candidates, MSPs And MEPs Are Drawn From The Top 3 Occupational Groupings How does it help to replace a former shop floor worker and union representative Jim Sheridan in Paisley with a senior executive from Mc Donalds or to replace former union officer Tom Greatrex in Rutherglen and Hamilton West with a senior manager with a blue chip firm asks GMB Scotland

Hats With Stickers On Redcar Site Not Enough

1 May 2015
Requiring 1 In 10 Workers On Teesside Site To Speak English And Wear Hat With Sticker To Identify Them Does Not Meet Safety Law Says GMB Law requires providing translation, using interpreters, or replacing written notes with clearly understood symbols or diagrams on site where there was a serious incident this week says GMB

8 More Days Strike By Barking and Dagenham Drivers

30 Apr 2015
8 Day Strike From 1st May By Barking And Dagenham Refuse Drivers In Pay And Safety Dispute After Talks At ACAS Fail To Avert Action It is not possible to bridge difference between union members and the council by haggling across the table at ACAS and both parties agreed that says GMB