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Put Nestle Pension Changes On Hold

29 Jul 2015
GMB Say Detrimental Nestlé Pension Changes Should Be Put ‘On Hold’, While Fund Is Valued Actuarial valuation in December 2015 will provide informed position on scheme and is logical point to discuss what actions are required from all stakeholders to maintain the sustainability of it says GMB

Neville Wilshire Ex Workers Cardiff Tribunal

29 Jul 2015
Ex Workers Of Neville Wilshire In Cardiff Tribunal On 2nd October Seeking To Recover Monies Owed By Welshman In BBC 3 TV Series BBC 3 seem to have ended the TV series the Call Centre which is right as Neville Wilshire should not be on any TV programme until he pays his debts says GMB

Manchester Peterloo Picnic Commemoration 16th Aug

29 Jul 2015
GMB To Support Peterloo Massacre Commemoration On Sunday 16th August 2015 In Front Of Manchester Central Convention Complex A fitting memorial to the martyrs massacred when a mass rally by pro-democracy campaigners was crushed with brutal force is required to mark a world changing event says GMB