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Cambridge City- No Work For Blacklisters

25 Jul 2014
GMB Welcome Cambridge City Council Barring Firms Being Awarded Public Contracts Till They Compensate Workers They Blacklisted This has blighted the lives of thousands of families refused work on construction sites and other areas for trade union activity or raising health and safety concerns says GMB

GDP Per Head Still Down 5.7% On 2007

25 Jul 2014
GDP Per Head Still 5.7% Down And Real Value Of Average Earnings 13.8% Down On 2007 Levels As Patchy Recovery Gains Pace Says GMB In places like Dundee, Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Leicester, Newham, Walsall, Hartlepool, Manchester and Middlesbrough the employment rate is way below the UK average of 71.6% says GMB

Ofgem Let Customers Down In Power Cuts

24 Jul 2014
SSE And UKPN Electricity Distributors Should Have More Quickly Reconnected Customers Cut Off After Storms In South Last Winter OFGEM pressed for and supported the fragmentation of the electricity distribution networks so they have not only presided over this debacle they masterminded it says GMB