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Public Sector Pay Figures 'Hammond Tried To Hide'

23 Oct 2017
This is nothing short of an attempted cover up, but it’s no wonder that Ministers fought tooth and nail to cover up these damning figures. GMB, the union for public sector workers, has exposed a shock Treasury report which Chancellor Philip Hammond tried to hide showing public sector wages are now below those in the private sector.

Most People on Island of Ireland Now Support Abortion ‘When a Woman Asks’ According to GMB Report

19 Oct 2017
The figure rises above 60 per cent in cases for rape, incest and serious malformation of the foetus. Most people across Ireland, North and South, now support abortion on the basis of a woman asking for one, a new GMB report has found.

GMB Accuses Sellafield Management of Intimidation Ahead of Second Firefighters' Strike

19 Oct 2017
Sellafield management’s campaign of intimidation is not helping negotiations and is making matters significantly worse says GMB. GMB, the union for nuclear workers, has accused Sellafield Management of intimidation ahead of the second firefighters strike today.