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East Sussex NHS CQC Report

27 Mar 2015
GMB Expected Chief Inspector Of Hospitals Finding That East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Is Inadequate Members are huge supporters of a properly functioning and efficient NHS and are only too keen to help if someone at the top has the foresight to ask for assistance says GMB

150 Permanent Jobs At M&S Swindon Welcome

27 Mar 2015
GMB Welcome DHL Offering 150 Permanent Jobs At Marks And Spencer Swindon Distribution Centre We hope this is a move towards ending the two tier workforce and eventual pay parity across the site with all workers – permanent and agency - receiving the same pay for the same work says GMB

Yes To North Sea Strike Ballot

27 Mar 2015
GMB Members Overwhelming Support For Official Strike Ballot Over Unilateral Changes To Terms For Offshore Workers In UK Waters Proper risk assessments and consultation have not taken place and the new rotas will have an adverse impact on member’s safety, health and quality time says GMB