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52,300 More Buy To Let Homes

2 Jul 2015
Growth In Number Of Buy To Let Homes In 2015 Will Add £440m To Annual Cost Of Housing Benefit Paid To Private Landlords In 2016 Growth in buy to let lending will give rise to even more claims for housing benefit to pay the rents quite apart from pricing would be home owners out of the market says GMB

Nestle Pensions Dispute Looms

2 Jul 2015
Dispute Looms With Nestle Over Pensions ‘Betrayal’ Strike action if these proposals are implemented looms large across Nestle in the UK at present says GMB

Scottish Fabrication Jobs At Risk

2 Jul 2015
GMB Seek Urgent Meeting With Scotland First Minister Over Threat To 2,500 Offshore Linked Fabrication Jobs In Fife And Western Isles Contracts heavily supported by the Scottish Government are not being awarded to the three yards and going overseas instead placing jobs and skills at risk says GMB