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Construction Workers Take Legal Action

20 Jan 2017
Union backs challenge by staff sacked without warning just before Christmas. GMB construction workers locked out of the Glasgow City Council recycling and renewable energy centre they were building in Polmadie will now seek legal action.

Huge Victory For Unpaid Support Workers

20 Jan 2017
Committed staff have spent several months working for nothing – but will finally get their wages thanks to union’s campaign. Devoted support workers who looked after vulnerable families for THREE MONTHS despite not getting paid will finally get their wages following a GMB campaign.

100 Hotel Jobs Go as Hard Brexit Bites

19 Jan 2017
Roles at Intercontinental, HSBC, Barclays, UBS and Toyota could be moved to Europe. More than 100 jobs at a popular hotel chain are under threat of moving to Europe as several global brands announced they will leave the UK following Brexit.