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Transline Demise Proves 'Hire And Fire' Does Not Pay

26 Apr 2017
Lets hope the ugly face of the gig economy dies with them, says unions. GMB, the union for agency workers, says news of Transline's impending administration proves a 'hiring and firing' business model does not pay.

Dignity At Work For McDonald's Staff

26 Apr 2017
Staff should have 40 hour contracts, pensions and sick pay says union. GMB has called for proper dignity at work for 115,000 McDonald’s workers on precarious zero hours contracts.

Police Staff 'Stressed And Underpaid'

26 Apr 2017
Union poll shows more than 70 per cent stressed at work, while 75 per cent blast Government pay cap. A shocking GMB report [1] reveals some civilian police staff are so badly paid they can’t even afford to buy their children new clothes.