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Strike Action Looms Over Plan To Close 14 Children's Centres and Cut 100 Jobs

25 Jul 2017
GMB members have been served their notice today - this is happening to some of the lowest paid employees of the council. GMB, the union for council workers, is to ballot members for industrial action over plans to shut 14 Coventry children’s centres with the loss of up to 100 jobs.

NHS Vacancies Shoot Up 30 Per Cent in 2 Years

25 Jul 2017
The number of nurses and health visitors plummeted by 1,049 in just one month from March to April 2017. GMB, the union for NHS staff, says poor pay and increased workload are hurting the health service as vacancies have rocketed 30 per cent in just two years.

GMB Reveals £11Billion Public Sector Unpaid Overtime Scandal

25 Jul 2017
Public services are held together by the devotion of overworked and underappreciated employees says GMB. New research by GMB, the union for public sector staff, shows that 1.8million public sector workers regularly work unpaid overtime worth £11 billion a year.