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GMB Welcomes Hinkley Jobs And Energy Security

28 Jul 2016
GMB Welcomes Jobs And Energy Security Brought By Hinkley Point C Approval This is important, not just for Somerset and the surrounding area, but for the whole country and other big infrastructure projects in the pipeline says GMB

Safety Issues For Sussex Patient Transport

28 Jul 2016
GMB Warns Of Patient Safety Issues For Renal Dialysis And Oncology Patients As Brighton Cab Firm Secures Coperforma Patient Transport Contract As the combined Sussex CCGs shamefully watch the service run into the ground, it seems very unlikely that the service in its current state will be around for much longer says GMB

Ensure Scotland's Navy Vessel Work

28 Jul 2016
GMB Calls On Government To Ensure Scotland’s Fair Share Of New Navy Vessel Work It’s the right and responsible thing for the government to do in order to boost the economic and employment prospects of our shipbuilding industry and communities amid the uncertainty of ‘Brexit’ says GMB Scotland