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Crocodile Tears Bedfordshire Protest On Blacklisting

24 Oct 2014
GMB “Crocodile Tears” Protest In Bedfordshire On Tues 28th Oct To Shame Paul McCreath, HR Director And Kathy Almansoor, Employee Relations Manager At Kier Linked To Blacklisting At Least 155 Workers Managers like Paul McCreath and Kathy Almansoor shedding crocodile tears now for their part in blacklisting 3,213 workers won't wash, neither will the Nuremberg Defence of "just following superior orders” says GMB

Consultations Needed At Tata Steel Over Sale

24 Oct 2014
GMB Call On Tata Steel For Consultation On All Options To Secure The Future Of The Whole Business And The Steel Industry In The UK Unions have reaffirmed position to ballot their members for industrial action, should Tata Steel make any moves against the British Steel Pension Scheme

Talks On Financial Problems At Surrey Care Homes

23 Oct 2014
GMB To Meet With Surrey Care Home Provider Prospect On Tuesday 28th October To Consider Job Losses Arising From Financial Problems Prospect board should not allow an incompetent CEO to run their company so if enforced dismissals have to take place the first to go must be Deborah Tosler says GMB